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Information means power: The faster you find out the changes on the market, the faster you understand them, the more essential information you get about them and the faster you have a broader image of the industry in which you operate, the better prepared and the more capable you shall be to outline several plans of “attack” for the future.

Horeca Insight is the largest B2B communication platform for the Horeca industry, offering the latest and most relevant information on the local and international market. We write about the best professionals, the latest trends, the most fashionable concepts, the coolest destinations, as well as the most special experiences offered by the players from the hospitality industry.


We offer a complete B2B information and communication source by the on-line platform


With owners of facilities, chefs, entrepreneurs, suppliers of products and services, etc.


The latest trends in design and furniture or from the technology and equipment area, etc.


Despre evolutia pietei, date statistice, topuri etc.


About events, restaurants, hotels, products, recipes, and so on.


We have a huge expertise in organizing business-to-business events, from conferences and workshops dedicated to certain themes to the renown Horeca Professionals Awards Gala. By the series of B2B events, we keep you informed about the evolution of the market and we create networking opportunities for the representatives of the two great “actors” from the industry we have in view:


From the Horeca industry.


From the Horeca industry.

“HORECA NEXT LEVEL” SERIES – Beverage trends / Food trends / Dessert trends

The Horeca Next Level series of events is organized yearly and approaches three main themes of major relevance for the Horeca professionals: Beverages, Food and Desserts.
The three editions from 2019 had a real success, reuniting over 400 participants – entrepreneurs, managers of restaurants, bars and cafés, counselors, sommeliers, representatives of relevant hotel chains, representatives of the most relevant suppliers of ingredients and services.
The themes approached during the three conferences brought to the attention of the participants relevant topics, from the latest consumption trends, the differentiation on a more and more competitive market, the ingredients of success, the consumers’ education, to the main challenges from the Horeca industry, the evolution of the various concepts, development directions, and so on.

Beverage Trends

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Food Trends

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Dessert Trends

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Being at the 2nd edition in 2019, the conference reunited this year approximately 100 representatives of the great international hotel chains, of the independent hotels and of the suppliers of products and services for this segment. We try to offer yearly a framework to debate “the hottest” topics from the hotel industry, from an overview of the evolution of the local markets and the short and medium-term development opportunities to the necessity for the competent authorities to involve themselves and the debate on the legislative novelties.


The Horeca Professionals Gala – the best Horeca people, voted by the professionals from the industry.
THE HORECA AWARDS GALA rewards the best business from the Horeca industry, thus trying to contribute to the promotion and growth of the fame of the best restaurants, bars, clubs, cafés, etc. from Romania.
HORECA AWARDS is the only gala honoring the Horeca professionals’ merits, as an acknowledgment of the professionalism, daily work and image of that man or company on the market.