Foodservice & Hospitality Expo - Editia 2018

Edition 2018

Edition 2018

The first edition was a real success, achieving its purpose to have visitors exclusively from the industry and exhibitors from all the relevant categories for the Horeca premises. FOODSERVICE & HOSPITALITY EXPO 2018 enjoyed the presence of 2,000 visitors, professionals from the industry and 50 exhibitors.

Both workshops, and cooking demonstrations were an asset of the event, attracting an important number of visitors. Renowned chefs made spectacular cooking demonstrations and professionals who debated the challenges from the industry came on the stage of FOODSERVICE & HOSPITALITY EXPO.

The presentations of products or services and the face-to-face discussions continued also in the stands of the exhibiting companies, so the visitors had 3 days full of “action”.

Besides the presentation of the information and the commercial offers, FOODSERVICE & HOSPITALITY EXPO was an excellent occasion for quality networking between the Horeca operators and suppliers.